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Consulting & Management

Habitat Health provides consulting and management solutions for healthcare business investors

Our unparalleled position within the UK health business sector draws on many years experience in commercial, clinical and policy arenas relating to the design, delivery and legal compliance of modern healthcare businesses, enabling them to maintain profitability and supporting growth even in the context of unprecedented retraction of health and social care funding.

How is this possible?

Founders Linda Stephens and Bruce Moore share a passion for healthcare quality that has propelled them into the forefront of service innovation, continuously optimising care delivery within emerging statutory frameworks and commercial paradigms, contributing nationally to the development of new clinical roles and care quality compliance. Linda has extensive experience in building successful care businesses both individually and corporately, including receivership management for a leading bank. Bruce has held national roles in healthcare leadership and compliance and has pioneered novel medical interventions. Combining years of director level expertise in medical and service innovation, Linda and Bruce have transformed care delivery in both public and private health sectors, creating safer, better and more cost-effective services.


The Habitat National Network

Habitat Health also draws upon a national network of health leaders and innovators, both clinical and commercial, enabling a rigorous and comprehensive assessment of health-related investment opportunities, with the option of interim management solutions where needed. Whether a business is flourishing or floundering, Habitat Health aims to identify key strengths and weaknesses and offers management solutions to optimise both quality and profitability.

What we can do

Due Diligence: We offer bespoke consulting to companies and investors seeking to maximise their returns, helping to guide critical business decisions relating to the following domains:

  1. Operational efficiency
  2. Service re-design
  3. Business modelling
  4. Marketing and sales
  5. Statutory compliance
  6. Sustainability and growth

Management: coupling our own expertise with our national network of leaders in healthcare we have the capacity to offer interim or long-term management solutions for healthcare businesses. Specifically, Habitat can provide the following range of management solutions:

  1. Turnaround management for failing companies
  2. Project management for organisational change
  3. Executive leadership team for business growth

To find out how Habitat Health can help your business flourish, please contact us at contactus@habitathealthgroup.com

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